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The CVD device is one of the thin film forming devices, which deposits a thin film of about 10 to 1000 nm on the surface of the semiconductor.
Various types of gases are used as raw materials for the thin film, but they need to cause chemical reactions for thin film formation, and the use of heat, light and plasma is utilized as the means.
It uses many advantages of chemical vapor deposition, such as rapid deposition rates, large processing areas, and uneven film formation.


At low temperatures, it is possible to form a thin layer of thin film and to control thermal damage caused by heat and the mutual diffusion between layers. A practical deposition rate can be obtained even for raw materials which are difficult to thermally decompose. Even if materials with different thermal decomposition temperatures are used, thin films with various composition ratios can be formed.


We have delivered numerous magnetic fluid feedthrough to CVD device manufacturers so far. We have performance with the active gas and the corrosion resistant magnetic fluid seal. Ion-implantation is a method of altering the characteristics of the solid by injecting the ionized material into a solid. In the front-end process of semiconductor manufacturing, by using ion implantation, it is possible to introduce moderate impurities into the wafer and improve semiconductor device characteristics.
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