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About Us
  About Us
Our MoreTec group,headquartered in Japan, is a company specialized in manufacturing magnetic fluid feedthroughs. We are determined to offer high-quality products with competitive price and quick delivery.
The magnetic fluid feedthroughs are used in single-crystal silicon growing furnaces,sputtering equipments,CVD equipments, FPD manufacturing equipments, and thin layer deposition equipment, etc. Our products are widely used in not only Japan and Asia, but also American and Europe.
When designing and manufacturing our products, we analyze the model of the feedthroughs by using advanced magnetic field analysis software and we carefully measure each part by precise instrument. By applying advanced technology, we are able to ensure the quality of our vacuum feedthroughs.
"Developing innovative technology; Contribution to improvement of the environment; Making sophisticated products; Offering professional service" is the aim of our company.
We will invest continuously in the research, development and production to ensure MoreTec is always the pioneer of the industry.
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