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Privacy & Policy
  Privacy & Policy
Privacy & Policy

We MoretecCorporation will protect and safeguard our clients’ personal information by strictly following the regulations below.

(1) The information about you
Moretec Corporation will send you information about our company’s events, researches and emails through your valid personal contacts.
Once you have received and approved our purposes, we will start to collect your personal information in a legal way.

(2) Our use of your personal information
We are only collecting and using our clients’ information associated with our products and services, and will not harm our clients’ rights and interests.

(3) Managing and protection of Clients’ Information.
Moretec Corporation is making great efforts to prevent our clients’ information from being divulged, manipulated or lost. If Moretec Corporation is authorized to deliver products and relevant services to you. Then we may need to provide your information to a third party, Under this circumstance we will monitor the third party in order to protect your information.

(4) Disclosure of your personal Information
Clients’ Information will only be provided to third party under circumstances listed below.
We have clients’ permission
Divulgement, loss, being stolen and manipulation of clients’ information caused by irresistible forces as: computer error, hacker attack, temporarily close of network connection caused by invasion or break out of computer viruses.
Requirements of clients’ information specified by law and governmental regulation

(5) Information Security
Clients’ identification Information we have collected will be stored in authorized access computer servers. We are adopting security measures on such servers to ensure privacy of our clients.

(6) Enquiry, revision and delete of clients’ information
Moretec Corporation will accept inquiries about their own information from our clients. If we need to revise or delete information as clients required, after examining and confirmation, all these requirements should be met. 

(7) Amendment of privacy protection regulations
We will revise and perfect our privacy protection regulations from time to time. Any change of privacy regulation will be effectively immediately posted on our website, please visit and check regularly.

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