SSB Series

STB Series

STB Series


Model STB012NN STB020NN
A 12-027 20-033
B 179 211
C 109 121
D M25×1.5 M30×1.5
E W4 D2.5 L20 W6 D3.5 L25
F 40 55
G 48 63
H 74 82
P 36.5 40.5


Shaft diameter Φ12 Φ20
Torque capacity (Kg・cm) 124 615
Vacuum pressure (Pa) 10-6
Helium leakage rate(Pa・m3/sec) <10-12
Differential pressure(kg/cm2 ) 2.5
Environment Inert gas
Temperature 0~80℃(Please using water cooling in case of high temperature and high speed)
VAC side bearing 6002 6005
ATM side bearing 6002 6005
Bearing material SUS440C
Housing/shaft material SUS304/SUS630

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