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Typically, O-ring, oil seal and mechanical seal is used for the seal of the rotating leading shaft of the vacuum device. Can we replace these with magnetic fluid feedthrough?

Yes, we are able to replace it.

What is the benefit of using magnetic fluid feedthrough?

By using magnetic fluid feedthrough, it is possible to maintain a clean environment because liquid contact by magnetic fluid avoids heat generation or dust generation, whereas solid friction does not. Moreover, magnetic seal maintians a longer life.

What is the disadvantage of using magnetic fluid feedthrough?

The unit cost is relatively higher than O-ring and other sealing materials. However, our magnetic fluid feedthrough maintains a longer life, therefore it actually lower the cost in total. Please contact us for more details.

When customer's delivery date is very close, is it possible to respond with a short delivery date?

Our company actively responds in a short period of time. Suggestions vary depending on the product.

Is it possible to customize for special orders?

In addition to standard products, we are also actively responding with special products, and we have a large number of existing cases. We will design to meet our customers' needs.

About Maintenance

Is is possible to repair magnetic fluid feedthrough?

If you wish to repair, please send it directly to us without disassembly. Please contact our sales representatives. Regarding cost and number of days, it depends on the repair content of the product, so we will send it back and will guide you after checking the product status in our company.

Can I repair a magnetic fluid feedthrough at my own?

Inside the magnetic fluid feedthrough, there is our own magnetic circuit and a proper amount of magnetic fluids are injected. We strongy suggest you don't repair it by yourself. Please note that the magnetic fluid feedthrough disassembled by the customer is not covered by the warranty.

What should I do if the magnetic fluid feedthrough was dropped?

Please contact our sales representative for the details such as the dropping height, bumped part etc.
Disassemble and repair may be required depending on the details of your inquiry.
In that case, please understand that inspection and repair expenses is not covered even within the warranty period.


Where is the production base?

We have two factories located in Shanghai and Henan. We are able to cope with mass ive production.

Moretec has ISO?

Yes, we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification.

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