Magnetic Fluid

Magnetic Fluid

Magnetic fluid are composed of nanoscale particles (diameter usually 10 nanometers or less) of magnetite, hematite or some other compound containing iron, and a liquid. This is small enough for thermal agitation to disperse them evenly within a carrier fluid, and for them to contribute to the overall magnetic response of the fluid.


Ever since the magnetic fluid was developed in NASA Apollo program in 1965, many countries have proposed and developed its applications. Now people make good use of the special features of magnetic fluid and apply them in vacuum sealing, speakers, magnetic domain detection, hydraulic pressure bearing lubrication, stepping motor damper and dust sealing of motor and robot, etc .

Result of adding magnetic fluid into speaker

  • Result of adding magnetic fluid into speaker
  • Result of adding magnetic fluid into speaker
  • Result of adding magnetic fluid into speaker

After inject magnetic fluid

  • Magnetic fluids deliver better speaker sound quality
  • Reducing total harmonic distortion and dynamic distortion
  • The damper has its own natural frequency of vibration that restricts the speaker from reproducing sound accurately at all frequencies. A new technique using a magnetic fluid to replace the damper claims to correct this anomaly by reducing energy consumption and allowing louder and clearer sound across the entire range of frequencies the speaker is capable of reproducing.

Our Product

MoreTec successfully developed the base oil of magnetic fluid with good heat resistance and low volatility. The magnetic fluid made up from the base oil has not only extraordinary heat resistance but also extremely low volatility so that the speakers have the best performances.


Model Magnetization Viscosity
(Gauss) (cPat27℃)
P-110 110 1000
P-120 110 2000
P-202 220 200
P-205 220 500
P-210 220 1000
P-220 220 2000
P-240 220 4000
P-250 220 5000
P-302 325 175


If you have any special requirements, please contact us. We are able to manufacturer various magnetic fluids according to your needs.

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